Varg Vikernes
Varg Vikernes - Varg Vikernes
Part I – The Ancient Religion

A lot of ethnic Europeans are reluctant to call themselves Pagans, although they would like to call themselves Pagans. The reason for that is amongst other things that: «There are so many dirty, filthy, ganja-smoking hippies who have taken use of the term» (to quote a friend of mine), and sensible people don’t really want to be associated with such people.

In Norway I have been seen as a reason for people not to call themselves Pagans too, and some of the so- called Pagans in Norway have also campaigned against me to ostracize me and alienate me from the whole Pagan movement, but ironically the people who don’t want to be associated with me are the same dirty, filthy, ganja-smoking free-love hippies who in turn scare others from calling themselves Pagans.