Who we are

The Union of Slavic Communities of the Slavic Native Belief was founded in 1997. The primary goals and objectives are aimed at the preservation, studying and spreading of native Slavic traditions.

Who we are and what we do

We are the union of nation caring people who stand for the national identity of Slavs in the world;
We learn and preserve the native traditions of Slavs, uphold the revival of our Gods majesty, and carry out construction of our temples;
We carry out research and educational work on our native traditions and crafts. We promote sharing the historical experience and craft traditions through public events and online sources.
We follow traditional family values and popularize a healthy lifestyle for everyone. We support sports and fitness groups and provide opportunities to take part in our sports actions.
We celebrate national holidays and practice ancient Slavic rituals; either we play national games or gather our supporters and Union members. We promote ecotourism and ethnographic expeditions for everyone.
We provide sports and patriotic education for children and youth.
We publish our periodical about the paganism of Slavs and other different books dedicated to Slavic traditions for families and self education.
We combine our efforts and capabilities in the studying and safekeeping of Slavic native traditions with other friendly Slavic pagan related organizations in Russia as well as with various foreign groups. However, we also cooperate with appropriate state services and public organizations.
We have an online specialized school in our Union where students get involved in scientific research works, studying archeology, ethnography, and Slavic folklore.
We realize veche (as with the old Scandinavian Ting) management in our organization.
The Union is guided by the Constitution of the Russian Federation, specifically the federal law "Freedom of Worship and Religious Groups" and other actual laws of Russia and Regulations of the Union.
We always are open for communication with people and the government in any legal and civilized ways.

Who we are not and what we do not do

We do not claim to be the ‘always right and only’; furthermore we think that religion is a matter of personal choice;
We have never done nor did the creating of pseudo-scientific myths nor misrepresentation of existing scientific researches.
We have never called for splits in society, nor feuds as a consequence of misunderstandings between peoples in a commonwealth.
We do not pursue the mercantile and selfish goals acting inside the Union nor anywhere else.